Curry Rice and Chicken Satay

Curry Rice and Chicken Satay

This sure is a fan favorite! Our Curry Rice + Chicken Satay is such a unique dish, and once you try it, you’ll be so addicted!

First, a lot of guests ask why we serve our made-in-house Sweet and Sour Sauce, since Chicken Satay is so delicious with our Peanut Sauce. I mean, the appeTHAIzer Chicken Satay is served with the creamy Peanut Sauce and that’s a match made in heaven already. But when we paired the Satay with the curry fried rice, it only made sense to give the dish a nice kick with the Sweet and Sour Sauce. So we recommend pouring the bright red sauce on top of the curry fried rice and enjoy.

Second, can we talk about potatoes in a fried rice? That’s not so typical, but if you’ve never tried it, potatoes are so yummy in a fried rice dish.

Come by and check out this unique dish and like we said, you’ll get addicted!