Moo Dang, or roasted barbeque red pork, is a very common lunch fare in Thailand. In addition, the dish is often called Kao Moo Dang, which translates to Rice Red Pork, and it represents Thai food quite well. We are offering this sweet and tangy delicious dish in our Specialty Menu this weekend, ending Apr 3. 

Kao Moo Dang, or Red Pork + Rice

Kao Moo Dang, or Red Pork + Rice

This staple in Thai cuisine is actually not Thai, but adopted from Cantonese Chinese way of roasting the red pork. Over time, however, Thai people have mended to their own liking, with the result of this sweet and filling dish. Everything on the plate is complemented so well, even the cool cucumber slices and the boiled egg. Kids typically love this dish because of the sweetness, and adults love it because, well, it's simply delicious. 

Come by some time this weekend before it's all gone! Part of Chef Mno's Specialty Menu, this great street food is offered March 31 - April 3.